If You Know Someone Who Needs A New Career…..

One of the nice things about being involved with different community organizations is the chance to spread the word about good opportunities. This one is quite removed from arts, but is also very exciting. It will be the topic of the Chamber Corner in the South Dade News Leader next week and there will be a piece in the March Home Shopper Magazine, but I’m trying to let as many people as I can know about it.

Manufactured construction is the latest wave and I’m not talking about building mobile homes. This type of construction is modular, high tech with the use of computers, very energy efficient, and meets strict wind/storm codes. In essence, the modules can be used for residential and commercial construction and can create anything from a “tiny house” to a high-rise building where there is a frame and completely constructed rooms are “plugged in” and connected to the structure. There are a lot more details involved, but the capabilities are amazing. When you look at a finished product, you can’t tell the difference in it and one constructed using traditional methods. While all of that is seriously cool, the point is this technology has a high demand for workers and supervisors.

The Department of Labor has provided large grants to different places to underwrite the cost of tuition for the two-year certification program and MDC got in on this program. Initially the classes were at Kendall and we (members of the Chamber) were able to talk with the program manager back in August and they now have the course right here in Homestead. The criteria for entering the program is very basic – be at least 18, make a 9 on the TABE (or have a high school diploma), and be eligible to work in the U.S. (The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is designed to effectively assess both the knowledge and skills of adult learners.) Even better, students who are older and have work or other education experience can try to test out of certain parts of the multi-phase program. At the completion of certification, the graduate has 2 new nationally recognized Certificates in Manufactured Construction and 7 nationally recognized industry certificates from OSHA, NCCER & MSSC. Due to the demands for these skills, employment is running at 80% and higher, and these are good paying jobs with a lot of upward an mobility potential. (Pardon the change in font here – not sure how to fix it)

There is some cost to students for texts and some certification tests have fees, but the tuition is completely free and with the course being taught at Homestead that solves the transportation issue of being up in Kendall. In the way that I do, I especially urge girls and young women to give this some thought and it’s great for veterans getting out of service or people who are stuck in jobs with little upward opportunity.

For more details, visit www.mdc.edu/tramcon or call Mariza Torres at 305-237-2723. Please tell anyone you know who might benefit from this.

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