Been Being Tour Guide…..

I’m going to try to get a post off before I head out again. I’ve had family visiting since the evening of I January and also juggling the last requirements for the new book as we send it to the printer. One of the highlights of the trip was for my two second cousins (one a junior in college, one in her first year of law school) to take the Discover Scuba class. My first cousin isn’t into snorkeling, but she went along on the boat and I did at least get in the water to see some fish. When we planned the visit, Hubby was of course going to teach the girls, but he had a request to teach a rebreather course, and that does take priority. There are only a couple of instructors at the shop who can teach rebreathers and all of them can do Discover. The girls had a great time despite a drenching rain that overtook us between Dive #1 and #2. Full certification might be in a future trip.

The weather wasn’t as cooperative as I’d hoped yesterday with a lot of overcast sky and some occasional drizzle. We were going to drive down to Seven Mile Bridge, but traffic was also much heavier than anticipated, so we opted to do the History of Diving Museum after lunch at Zane Gray, then it was on to the Rain Barrel with the giant lobster. The plan was for us to occupy our time until we went to Big Chill for a sunset dinner. The clouds cleared up a bit to give some pretty colors even though we didn’t get the beautiful effect of the sun setting into the water. Ah well, can’t control Mother Nature.

Today will be probably lunch at the White Lion, Coral Castle, and Robert is Here, then get packed up for an early start to their two-day drive back to Louisiana.

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