Opening Night at the Seminole……

The crowd coming in for opening night of the Seminole Theater Dec 12, 2015

The crowd coming in for opening night of the Seminole Theater Dec 12, 2015

In 2013 voters in Homestead sent the message that they were willing to share in bringing the Seminole Theater out of the state of unfinished renovation. Efforts to restore the theater had been an on-and-off undertaking for more than twenty years or longer depending on whom you talk to. These situations are never easy and the cost in money, time, and resources is usually greater than anticipated. Despite all that, Saturday night, December 12, 2015 was the date when work and hope came together for a packed house to see the curtain rise for the first time in almost forty years.

The City of Homestead and the new theater management company can be proud of the event. The City held a festival in adjoining Losner Park with a wonderful array of activities such as an interactive art project for children and they brought in the outdoor screen so individuals who did not have tickets could watch a broadcast of the musical performance. Mother Nature got in on the act and provided a perfect night with no threat of the rain we’ve been having. Broadway tunes were the bill with a company of talented vocalists and a terrific trio of pianist, bass player, and drummer. The songs ranged from classics like, “The Impossible Dream” to the comical, “I Want to Be a Producer”. In keeping with the understanding that it will take some time for the theater to be in full operation, the twelve other performances scheduled between Jan 15th and June 4th are a diverse mix. Rather than a movie theater, the Seminole is now for the performing arts and at the moment, the focus is primarily music. Ticket prices are also mixed and some are as low as $15 for certain performances. You can see the line-up and order tickets from or call (786) 650-2073.

It will be important for those of us who have pushed for this to be supportive and I foresee a number of “girls night out” events as well as a few performances that hubby wants to go to.


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