Wrapping Up the Dive Show…..

When you attend a large tradeshow, one of the points is to not only catch up with old friends, but it’s to meet new people as well. We’ve certainly done both on this trip. (Oh, dinner last night was at a near-by Italian restaurant. Ciao Italia was a good place, and the excellent part was they had wild boar which my husband loves.)

Anyway, back to the show. For me, seeing the number of women, especially when they are engaged in the type of scuba many of them are, is terrific. I finally had the chance to meet Jill Heinerth (http://www.intotheplanet.com) who does amazing diving in a highly technical capacity. I also met Evelyn Dudas, who was the first woman to dive the Andrea Doria. (http://www.dudasdiving.com/about-us) Until technical diving advanced in the 2000s, that was considered the “Mount Everest of Diving” and is still quite challenging. The array of women here range from slender, lithe twenty-somethings to pioneers in the sport who are most assuredly past that age.

On the business side, pre-sales for Mystery of the Last Olympian (http://MysteryoftheLastOlympian.com) have been brisk and I allowed myself to be talked into something I said I wouldn’t do. I guess I’ll be going to the big dive show in Chicago in February. I mean, really – Chicago in February? I do hope it will be worth it.

Mystery of the Last Olympian is scheduled for a Feb 2016 release.

Mystery of the Last Olympian is scheduled for a Feb 2016 release.

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