Liking Lafayette’s……

Lafayette's at Pointe Orlando

Lafayette’s at Pointe Orlando

Our delightful dilemma of having too many good restaurants to choose from didn’t get resolved when we decided to give Lafayette’s a try. ( It isn’t straight out of New Orleans, however, it has the right mix of signature Cajun dishes and some slight variations. I’m not trying to whet your appetite, but the fried green tomato sliders done with bacon and Remoulade sauce were excellent. For hubby, the food could have taken lesser place to the fact they had Abita Turbo Dog beer on tap. That is very difficult to find when you venture far from South Louisiana. Fortunately, there were no trade-offs when it came to food. He had salmon with a BBQ glaze atop corn chowder and shrimp. I went with the chicken in a lemon caper sauce. We thoroughly enjoyed both meals.

The décor can be seen a bit in the photo and they strike a nice balance with the somewhat rustic look and brushed metal. The largest dining room is where the stage is and while hubby would have been quite happy to be one table back from the band, he acquiesced to my preference to be in the bar instead. We could easily hear the music which was good. I suspect that had the place been full, the sound might not have carried quite as well.

We also had the chance to meet up with some acquaintances at different points during the day and thanks to Richie Kohler (the man who drew me into the Mystery of the Last Olympian project), I was introduced to another couple of people whose names are pretty well-known in diving circles. Today will be busy of course and I think we’ll go to the Everglades Restaurant here in the hotel tonight. We’ll see.

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