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One of the Paintings on Display at Phicol Williams Community Center.

One of the Paintings on Display at Phicol Williams Community Center.

Well, the week obviously got away from me and yesterday was a day of literally all meetings. I started at 8:30 headed out to the first one, got home around 2:45 and worked a series of emails until I left for the 5:00 event that was purely social in nature. That schedule, however, combined with a night where I really didn’t sleep well kept me from posting (yeah, I know, how wimpy of me).

Anyway, one of the meetings was at a neighborhood community center and Homestead has a policy of featuring local artists’ work in sections of our community centers. I know only a few of the artists, but I am always intrigued with the talent that we have in our area. Part of the vision of historic downtown is to have the arts and entertainment district as a future goal. The renovation of the Seminole Theater is on track and of course the intent is for it to be a performing arts center with broad-based programming rather than a movie theater. A new restaurant is set to take the place of the closed Lucky’s Pub and that’s another step in the right direction. Most of these things take time and as the revitalization continues, many of us hope that art galleries will once again also return to downtown.

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