How A Day Gets Changed…..

Snooks in Key Largo

Snooks in Key Largo

First, my apologies for my lapse in posting. I’ve been significantly involved with the HCA Celebration of the Arts event that we had Friday evening and then Saturday which was to be my catch-up day turned out to be different than I had planned. I had invited a friend to come down for Happy Hour to be followed by dinner and an overnight stay since fairly large quantities of wine are the norm for these visits. As it turned out, there was a special two-part event at the History of Diving Museum in Islamorada (

Bob Croft, who has been called “The American Father of Free Diving” is down along with his delightful wife of sixty years, and he was doing a book signing in the afternoon and a lecture Saturday evening. I couldn’t change plans for the evening, but I contacted my friend to see if she wanted to come down extra early, have lunch in the Keys and go with me to the book signing. The exact “where” of lunch was to be determined, although my friend’s preference is to always dine on the water if possible. Traffic was pretty jammed and there were a couple of drivers who were complete jerks (although I referred to them in other terms verbally), so we stopped at Snooks Bayside since by that time it was well past my usual noon lunch hour. It was hot of course, but a beautiful day and we were under an umbrella. We lingered in a pleasant lunch, then headed to the museum. That of course took longer than I’d thought, but it was thoroughly enjoyable and while traffic was better coming back, it was after five-thirty when we arrived at the house. And that is how a day gets completely changed, but on the other hand, it was a very nice change.

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