Fun in St Croix…..

Having now missed going to St Croix for two years in a row, we are somewhat keeping up with things through one of the dive shops we use when we are on-island. The real reason that we prefer St Croix over the more well-known St Thomas is that aside from the great diving, the feel of the island is more relaxed and you don’t have the mass of cruise ship passengers to jostle through. Granted, those same passengers are why St Thomas has the high-end brand stores and the more exclusive resorts. That’s okay, they’re welcome to them.

St Croix is not the place to go if you need that sort of thing, lots of casinos, or clubs that stay open until the wee hours of the morning. It is the place to go if you love to dive, snorkel and enjoy the beauty of a tropical island for the sake of it’s beauty. We also love the restaurants and some of our favorite beach bars that are genuine beach bars are on St Croix. The food is somewhat expensive, as it is on most of the islands where so much has to be imported. The portions tend to be large though and when we spend a whole week by Night Three we usually pick up a salad and then eat restaurant leftovers for a meal that is every bit as good the second time as the first. We did stop going to a number of the many artists galleries simply because we have so much art that we can’t buy any more and I sometimes lose my resolve and squeeze in another piece.

I think the only thing missing from St Croix is that there aren’t any spectacular waterfalls. The driving on the “wrong” side of the road is a bit tricky, but a lot of the Caribbean islands share that trait and you just have to be extra careful.

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