I Officially Hate This……

Whining Alert! I do not get sick – I am the strong one, the one who comes through for other people. I pop some OTC medications, boost my Vitamin C intake, and yes, I am driven into the doctor’s office maybe once every 18 months, but I bounce back. I do not lag, ineffective for almost three weeks. Except, this cold that developed into bronchitis has smacked into me like a “I could have had a V-8 moment”. I’m not in my forties or even fifties, and despite being in very good health for my age – it isn’t the same thing. Aside from the fact that I haven’t physically felt well, not being quickly back on my feet is what has taken me by surprise. So, it’s one of those times when I need to heed my own advice. “Oh, don’t push yourself – it will set back your recovery.” Or, “Just take it easy for a few more days.” Then there’s, “These things take longer to get over as we get older.” I say all of this sincerely to friends and now that it’s my turn, it doesn’t make the advice any less applicable.

I will also use it as a valuable lesson learned though in keeping an eye on certain symptoms that I ignored this go-round. And next flu season it may be time to get the shot as well as that for pneumonia. The reason I don’t usually bother with it is because when we were in the military, flu shots were mandatory except for a couple of assignments I had and the mix of me getting the flu without or without the shot was about fifty-fifty. In fact, a very long time ago in taking microbiology, the prof explained that for the vulnerable population (under six and over sixty), flu shots were a good idea and between those ages, it tended to not have much impact. Oh yeah, I’ve tipped over that mark. So, at the moment it’s time for another dose of cough medicine along with my dose of reality. All right, thus ends the whining.

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