Going Full Circle…….

Drummer Making Music

Drummer Making Music

There are delicious little ironies in life as well as those that bite you in the butt and this post is about one of the lovely ones. If you follow the blog, you know that I am actively involved in and support Homestead Center for the Arts and that we initiated the Music Series, MuSe, last year to bring another type of venue to the area. In most cases, it’s music in the garden of the White Lion Café where people can enjoy an outdoor setting with different genres – jazz, blues, blue grass. It’s been a hit and as we have explained, it really all started one day at lunch as we looked out onto the garden and I said something along the lines of wouldn’t it be great if we could set up a jam session some time. Just work out a time frame and invite whoever to come play and folks could listen in. My two companions are far more musically attuned to genre, etc., than I am and it did not take long for them to conceive of MuSe in the form it has come to have.

One of the gentlemen who puts groups together has an interesting number of musicians he can call on and he always comes through with a great group. It so happens that this week as we did R&B, I was not aware that this particular group of highly talented men wasn’t actually a group. It so happened they were individually skilled in R&B and came together for this performance with virtually no practice time. You wouldn’t know that from they way they blended and while it wasn’t quite a “jam session”, I could easily imagine seeing them doing something like that. It was a great night with wonderful music, great food, and lots of people having fun.

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