What A Performance……

No photos, I’m afraid, but the performance of Victory Road last night as a collaboration of the Bowen McCauley Dance Company and Jason and the Scorchers was terrific. Loud, mind you,  but as high an energy level as you could ask for and it met all our expectations and then some. Not having been familiar with the band’s music, it was a genre – “punk rock meets country” that works well and the lead guitarist and Jason were the two on-stage while the other band members were in the orchestra pit. I didn’t ask the direct question, but I imagine that was something new for them. The show featured fourteen pieces with the dancers and then Jason and the band did two more as encore.

Although Lucy, the founder and director of the company, had collaborate with popular regional bands before, this was by far the longest production and I think the first time with a band that has an international following. The story line was of the small town boy that strikes out to follow his music, leaving behind those he loves and knows. The rejections, the success, the traps of drugs and booze, the final emergence of getting it all together. It is a familiar story to anyone who has ever had the dream and broken through all the obstacles that deter most people.

As someone said during intermission, it’s hard to know how Lucy is going to top this, but she’s pretty creative and it did stretch the dancers’ boundaries. We’ll have to see what the future brings.

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