Art and Cars……

R.JacksonArt working on a piece from a photo

R.JacksonArt working on a piece from a photo

In the actual category of “thinking outside the box”, Natalie Prieto and Carlos Franco of the Children’s Art Gallery at Cauley Square are hard to beat. They can find ways to incorporate art into almost anything and they are completely devoted to making life better through art in many mediums.  So, Natalie goes into Armstrong Ford in Homestead to buy a car. In the way that happens, conversations flow during the process. As luck would have it, Armstrong Ford has a large covered area where they do special promotions throughout the year such as holiday sales and so forth. Well, if you can do that, why not an art exhibit featuring cars?

On Saturday, March 7th, the artists and car guys came together and it was an excellent combination. Painting and sculptures were on display, the local artists were available to talk with people, and I’m not sure how many unsuspecting customers dropped in and were surprised to find themselves in the middle of an art exhibit. If you haven’t been to Cauley Square lately, do stop in and see what all is going on. (

Forgot to get the artist's name on this one.

Forgot to get the artist’s name on this one.

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