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New Look to Our Front Yard

New Look to Our Front Yard

Okay, an immediate apology to followers who have been posting photos of snow in their yards. We are now 98% finished with the new look in the front yard with the intent to do two things. The first was to completely clear out the weeds that were truly out of control. The second was to have a cleaner look that also requires less maintenance. For those that live either here or in another climate where tropical plants thrive, you know that we have super weeds. The same environment that allows orchids to bloom lets weeds shoot up quickly and take hold. If you are the least bit inattentive, you have a mess on your hands pretty quickly. Then, fs as we had done, you have other plantings close together, it becomes that much more difficult to get at the weeds. Our new plan takes those factors into account and hopefully, we will now be able to snatch (or spray) those pesky weeds soon after they poke their heads through the mulch. As for our palms, it’s hard to say. Three palms in each front yard was what the developers put in as part of the initial landscaping and a lot of the neighbors have lost their palms over the past few years. We’ll see what happens with ours.

When I wanted one more plant for the front, I was going to maybe get a ground orchid or a bromeliad, and then this different type of succulent caught my eye. I accidentally threw away the tag, so I don’t know what the variety is, but I thought it would work nicely with the aloe vera we had planted. The leaves have a pinkish hue to them.

New Plant - Don't Know the Variety

New Plant – Don’t Know the Variety

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