Change of Seasons….

During my quick trip to Maine last week, the leaves had not yet begun to change and it was quite pleasant and sunny. That 46 degree morning was a bit of a startle, but the rental car had heated seats and my first meeting was at a Dunkin Donuts so it wasn’t a real issue. Next month when I go to Louisiana and then later to Northern Virginia, I anticipate seeing actual Fall.

The thing is that notwithstanding the fact that I am fine with hot weather, what we don’t get in South Florida are the beautiful colors and the crispness that comes with those gorgeous autumn days you have in cooler climates. You know the kind that I mean; that clear blue of the sky, the sun slanting through gold, yellow, orange, and red leaves that haven’t fallen yet. In early mornings, there might be the curl of wood smoke coming from chimneys. There is a brightness to the days like that you can’t find at any other time of year. And yes, for me, slipping on a sweater, or putting a wrap around my shoulders, taking a book out onto the porch or deck with a favorite beverage and relaxing is a memory that I hold dear no matter where it is that I live now.

So, how about it? What are your favorite fall memories, places, events?

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