Interesting Walk This Morning……

One of the pleasures in walking here – other than the fact that it is very flat – is the wonderful fauna and flora that I often mention in either a post or a tweet. Today was no exception, although some encounters are more enjoyable than others. There is the large flock of green parrots that lives in the general neighborhood, so that we have them fly overhead a couple of times a day and I always see them when I walk. The number that I see tends to be the only question. Today, for some reason, there were more than I could count – some flying quite low. They gathered in a couple of trees though and were so well camouflaged that I could hear them squawking away, but could see only one or two. That was fine and then as I was passing by, there was this intriguing reptile that I had seen once before. I’m not entirely sure what he is and he won’t stay still long enough for me to get a photo. He is either a really juvenile iguana or perhaps another reptile in that family. He’s too large to be a lizard unless it’s one I am just not familiar with and he is very bright green. The neighborhood flock of ibis was also poking around in a couple of the yards.

While I very much enjoyed all of the above, the snake in the grass – literally – I didn’t get such a kick out of and the two rats I saw scurrying from one clump of bushes to another, definitely not. On the other hand, perhaps the snake could make his way to where the rats were. It wasn’t a very large snake though so I don’t think he could take them. As I said, you never quite know what you will see around this place.

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