Belated Blogging From Ocean Springs…..

View from Ocean Springs Park

View from Ocean Springs Park

 I have of course explained before that I am not a technically savvy blogger. That lack of skill became apparent during my recent trip to Ocean Springs as I was unable to access my blog for two reasons. One was an error on my part and the other was the decision to stay in a sort of B&B (that means the Bed and not Breakfast part) where there was no connectivity. At any rate, the next three posts will be catch up as to that trip. Under the circumstances, I will post in daily sequence with wrap-up at the end.

I spent the first night of the trip in Biloxi, and did not arrive in Ocean Springs until the morning of Day Two. As I wrote in a previous blog, we discovered Ocean Springs as we were en-route to New Orleans. It is a really inviting small town on Biloxi Bay. In fact, it is so inviting, that I wanted to come back and look around, plus it’s only an hour and a half from where my brother and sister-in-law live. The plan was for them to come down (well, down and over) on Saturday for a pleasant lunch, then dinner, and my return to FL Sunday afternoon.

The fact that Oak Shade Retreat where I stayed was a short walk to the beach made up for the inconvenience of no internet. I am not at the point in my life to where I need to be “wired 24/7” for most trips.

I saw lots of brown pelicans which I dearly love and a number of other birds as well as plenty of Spanish Moss dripping from the plentiful oak trees that have survived generations of hurricanes. Katrina did a huge amount of damage here and in some places people decided not to rebuild. While the property prices plummeted as they did nation-wide, they are headed back up and waterfront, as always, held its value.

Breakfast my first morning was at the Bayview, a place that does breakfast, lunch, and catering. Enjoyable ambience, had a superb lemon-poppy seed muffin and excellent coffee. Lunch was back over in Biloxi at McElroy Seafood, a place on the bay that has been around for quite some time apparently, but was destroyed by Katrina and re-built. Dinner – we shall see.


Brown Pelicans at Big Chill in Key Largo

Brown Pelicans


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