Hibiscus Happiness…..

Hibiscus in full bloom

Hibiscus in full bloom

Notwithstanding the fact that my gardening skills continue to be far less than they should be, my husband continues to adroitly manage the health of most of the items except the orchids. There is only one of the several that he has tried that has survived and it is currently in a non-blooming state, although the leaves look fine. The hibiscus on the other hand are finally both flourishing. The red one has always been hearty and in fact is so large, it’s main root has grown through the container and into the ground. We discovered this when we intended to remove it from the pot and transplant it. Alas, that will not be happening and my husband has now secured part of a branch to the fence in order to prevent the pot from being toppled over by the weight of the bush.

We don’t actually know the proper name for the color of the second one – coral, orange, something like that. When we first purchased it, there were two sections in the pot and it was lovely, Something occurred to kill part of it and the rest looked as if it would not survive. My husband played around with the amount of water and fertilizer and it has indeed recovered. The blooms close at night and open during the day, as full and beautiful as we could ask for. How long this will last, I don’t know, but we will certainly enjoy it while we can.

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