New Logo…….

New logo for Charlie Hudson Writes

New logo for Charlie Hudson Writes

This is a post that has a touch of whimsey. Not too long ago, someone asked me if I had a logo for Charlie Hudson Writes, the “brand” for my writing. I did not have, although I had considered it some time ago, but it wasn’t a particular priority for me and I set the idea aside. For whatever reason this time, I stopped and thought about it and decided that okay, a logo would be nice. That was step one. What was next? I have a friend who does wonderful design work – he’s created a business card for me and a bookmark, so natually I turned to him. If you’ve followed this blog, and especially if you’ve read my books and short stories, you know that scuba, parrots, and island living to the tunes of Jimmy Buffet are all parts of both our lives and my writing. With that in mind, I gave my guy a couple of thoughts and he very soon produced exactly what I had in mind. As usual, he gave me variations on the basic idea, all of which I liked. And as always, I turned to my husband for his advice and it wasn’t surprising that he picked out the same version that I did. While he is much more visually-oriented than I am, there are certain things that we are often in sync with when it comes to tropical images.

And so, the logo that you see here is what we chose. Granted, it doesn’t reflect the new Helen Crowder Adventure Series books (Small Town Lies at, but then again, I do introduce the idea of quilting-themed cruises in Small Town Haven (Book #2). I hope you’ll enjoy the logo as much as we do.

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