Ducks Added to the Line-up……..


Duck going to join his other pals waddling in the neighborhood.

Duck going to join his other pals waddling in the neighborhood.

Actually, if I go by what some neighbors think, this should be in the Food and Drink Category. In the area where we live, there are a number of what anyone other than a realtor would call a “pond” – they understandably refer to them as “lakes”.  I erroneously believed they were a developer’s addition in order to claim waterfront property lots, however, I later found out that no, they serve a purpose from a flood control perspective. It was one of those “win-win” sort of things. Or, maybe I shoud say, “win-win-win” since they are also a reason that we have this wonderful water bird population. I’ll set aside the periodic alligator visitor for the moment. Now, I come around to the ducks. I happen to like ducks, as I believe most people do. The problem, though is the ducks have apparently figured out that these bodies of water are pretty well protected and therefore, they have no fear of predators (okay, maybe when the alligator visits, but that doesn’t happen often). Anyway, some of the neighborhoods have more problems than others where the ducks literally wander into open garages and definitely impede traffic as they very slowly cross the streets.

We have recently started seeing more ducks in our neighborhood, although at this time, they are confining themselves to merely waddling about the streets and into the yards. I don’t consider them to be a nuisance yet, but then again, I haven’t found duck poop on my driveway and sidewalk. So, we shall see how this all plays out over the next few months.

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