In Defense of the Recliner……

I am not a recliner person – I am a “curler” in that I like to curl up on a sofa or use a foot stool with an easy chair. I do not now, nor have ever really understood what it is about recliners that men tend to love – I merely know that it seems to be a common preference. These thoughts have come about because a friend is determined to get rid of her husband’s old recliner that yes, I do agree is not particularly in keeping with their present decor. Well, it’s also old enough to have some distinct shabbiness issues. However, I do recognize that there is a degree of “being broken in” that apparently applies to a recliner and therein lies a part of the discussion. How long it takes to properly “break in” a recliner is another question, but perhaps that could be a reasonable compromise with replacing it rather than simply getting rid of it.

In fact, when we refurnished our den, my agreement was for my husband to go all over the quite large furniture store and pick out the recliner that he wanted and I would furnish the room around that piece. It was easier from my perspective and our tastes are close enough that it was a safe approach to use. There were quite a few recliners though and it did take more than one trip for him to verify that yes, that was the right “fit”. Interestingly, I did pick out a recliner for my chair because it happened to be both comfortable and a great fabric. I added a coodinated foot stool though so that I rarely use the recline function. Okay, who has an opinion on this matter?

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