Postponing Valentine’s Day….

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

No, not officially. Well, I mean not for the rest of the planet and we do have a chilled bottle of champagne in the refrigerator. It’s just that we have two nights out planned next week as follow-on to a couple of radio spots that I’ll be doing, and we enjoy both the restaurants where the live broadcasts will be.

The original plan for today was to pop up to Fresh Market, the new store I mentioned in an earlier post, have lunch at one of our favorite places, then shop for the ingredients for a great dinner, and dine poolside this evening. That was a good idea, but a business obligation came up on my end and my husband has a new underwater housing for his camera that came in and he needs to drive up to Fort Lauderdale to get that. Not trying to make ourselves into crazy people doing everything in one day and “sliding” Valentine’s Day to next Thursday to coincide with that radio broadcast makes more sense. One of the nice things when you’ve been married this long is that you can be somewhat flexible with birthdays, anniversaries, etc,. That, of course, does not mean postponing because you’ve forgotten one of the important dates.

Interestingly, on my way to a breakfast meeting this morning, the DJ said there was a survey where many married couples and those in long term relationships felt they started taking each other for granted within 3.5 years. So, for the record, us postponing dinner out is a matter of mutally agreed practicality and definitely not because we are taking each other for granted.


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