The Household Sports Trough……

This is not an issue for me, but is written in sympathy for my husband. Other than for March Madness, he is not a basketball fan, doesn’t care for hockey, soccer, or golf. With the Superbowl over and NASCAR almost two weeks away, we now officially enter the annual sports trough between the two sports. It may be that the Rolex car series has started again and perhaps Indy, but I don’t think so. It isn’t that my husband has to have sports, more that it’s disconcerting for him to not have the weekend ritual of watching. He does follow a number of drivers and racing personalities on Twitter and therefore gets updates about important news.

I’m a little unclear about this although I guess NASCAR has a “new car” coming out this season that is supposed to have a potential impact and that has created a fair amount of chatter. I gather that will provide discussion for shows leading up to Daytona when the new car will be unveiled. And yes, if I have this completely muddled, all ardent NASCAR fans may correct me. I do, understand, however, that the Daytona 500 which is the first race of the season doesn’t occur until 24 February, but there are all sorts of other NASCAR events that lead up to that. It’s basically the same thing as all the coverage leading up to the Superbowl.

This coming weekend will be quite busy for us though as we pop over to St Petersburg for a combination business and pleasure trip. That should provide entertainment and will carry us through the “trough”. By the way, my sympathies if I have any die-hard San Francisco 49ers fans among my readers.

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