Venturing Into Quilting, Sort Of…..

Cover Small Tonw LiesIf you have visited my website ( in the past week then you already know that Small Town Lies, the first book in the new series, The Helen Crowder Adventures, will be released this spring. Helen Crowder has been born and raised in the small town of Wallington, Georgia and she is an avid quilter. While anyone can enjoy the book/books, they will hold special meaning for anyone who has ever lived in a small town. The series is a part of the American Quilter’s Society (AQS) line of fiction and this is where it gets interesting. This is also what I was referring to in my previous post of Quilting as a Craft.

Although I am not a quilter, I do have an abiding love of quilts and admiration for those who quilt. The manner in which I became involved in this project is somewhat different than my others. AQS put out a call for authors and I was intrigued with the idea. I was very upfront though about my lack of actual quilting experience and when I received the “green light”, I immediately sought out the group of ladies that I was told meet for quilting at the local Community Center on Tuesdays. Actuallly, there is a group on Tuesday and another on Thursday. Anyway, I ventured into the room and explained my situation. They could not have been more generous with me. They suggested I return the following Tuesday so they could bring a number of samples to show me some of the many variations in the world of quilting. I did so and it was a delightfully informative evening. We met another time after that and I will be dropping by this coming Tuesday to let them know that Small Town Lies is available for pre-order and of course, I could not have done it without them.

Later this month I will be¬†traveling to Largo, Florida for a luncheon and auction with a lot of quilters and I have no doubt that, too, will be an adventure for me. I’m having a wonderful time creating Wallington and the residents, and I am gaining an even greater appreciation for quilting. Here is a big thanks to those who have already embraced the craft.

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