Contemplating Superbowl Menu……

My husband’s chili is the Superbowl stand-by, although we do try and go for regionally appropriate fare. I mean, when it was the New Orleans Saints, how can you not have gumbo? With Baltimore and San Francisco in, it raises some questions. We’re not going to have Cheasapeake Bay crabs flown in, but crab cakes are easy enough to do. Sour dough bread is a given – it’s after that where we need to decide.

My husband does love a good cioppino which is the San Francisco equivalent to the spicy fish stew that we often make and that may well be the route that we take. We tend not to invite a crowd for the game, more like one or two other couples. I guess I should go look for Anchor Steam beer, too – at least I think that’s a San Francisco brewery. Back to the food, however. Tri-tip steak is another California thing, although I’m not sure you can even get that cut around here. There were several places around Baltimore who claimed to have great fried chicken and while it was in fact excellant chicken, I simply cannot accept that as a signature dish. Our respective Louisiana and Georgia ancestry would collectively turn in their graves over that one. So, okay, folks – I’m up for suggestions at this point.


2 thoughts on “Contemplating Superbowl Menu……

  1. I have a similar quandary, Charlie. Next Friday is International Day at STIC and I am supposed to wear my “national costume.” What does a Canadian wear? I managed to get out of cooking a “national dish” and teaching students a “national dance,” by explaining that I come from a multicultural society and no one ethnic, linguistic, or racial group can claim to represent Canada. Still, it seems that I must find some kind of ethnic costume in Bangkok next week. Any suggestions?

    • Hmmm, that one is tough. I doubt you can find a Maple Leaf Hockey Jersey on this short notice. Seriously though, other than one of the Native Indian which is probably what they want – how about an Urbanite from Montreal? There are a lot of them.


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