Fringe Finale…..

Okay, just like when the Eureka series ended, we’re coming up tonight on the two-hour finale for Fringe. For those who are fans, you know how complicated the show is. If you’ve never watched it, Fringe is similar to the X-Files that Fox did several years ago. There are parallel universes, different timelines, intertwined characters, questions as to what should be the boundaries of science, and is there an element of fate to love. There have been sad moments in the show and among the questions to be resolved is if some of those tragedies can be reversed. As much as we fans want answers, Fox was pretty cagey when they ended X-Files and let us say that their definition of “providing all the answers” did not meet my definition. Of course, there have also been multiple X-Files movies since then.

I have my own way of wanting Fringe to end, although there are really three scenarios that I will be okay with. It is distinctly likely that we will lose some of the characters and again, if done for the right reasons, I’ll accept those solutions. I do agree with ending the show since quite frankly, I’m not sure how much longer they could have continued considering all the strange events that have occurred over the past few years.

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