The Puzzle of Yogurt….

Yogurt on the way to being a smoothie.

Yogurt on the way to being a smoothie.

“I don’t like yogurt,” I said to my brother many years ago when I’d taken him out for lunch and we were looking at the desserts to share. “That’s because you haven’t tried it frozen,” he assured me. The dessert in question was crepes filled with frozen vanilla yogurt and topped with hot cinnamon apples.

I trusted him, and did indeed enjoy the dessert. Over the years, I have eaten no telling how much frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors. I have yogurt in smoothies and I sometimes cook with it. Here’s the puzzle though – I still can’t stand to eat regular yogurt. Yes, I’ve tried many different brands, I’ve tried freezing it myself, I’ve tried mixing it with granola, and I can’t manage more than a bite. Why is this? Are there any yogurt lovers out there who can explain it?

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