Now About Water in Restaurants…..

Yesterday completely got away from me for reasons that I will post about in the future. I had said that I would explain about me and water in restaurants that is related to the subject of straws. I don’t find this to be complicated, but again, it goes to habit and routine of a restaurant staff. I drink water all the time, I mean all day long. (Bottled and fitlered water are different subjects that I’m not getting into in this post.) I especially like to have water when I’m drinking alcohol which is basically any time I’m out for dinner and frequently for lunch. Yes, I thoroughly believe in wine/beer for lunch under most circumstances. Anyway, my husband does not drink water in most of those settings, but might take a sip or two. Therefore, it is perfectly logical for me to ask for one glass of water, no straw, if water is not automatically provided.

I’m fine with a restaurant not automatically pouring water precisely because many people are like my husband and don’t drink it. However, this disparity between us seems to often set up one of three scenarios. The first, as I said in the last post, was I ask for one glass of water and we each get one. Okay, I’ll drink most of his and mine. Or, I can’t get a glass of water without repeatedly making the request and occasionally, I just give up. The final scenario is that I take one sip of water and someone is hovering over me to refill. Granted, once I have water, I can at least let them know not to refill.

We’re going out tonight to one of our regular restaurants, but if we have a new server, as is possible this time of year, it may require a little training. We’ll see how it goes.

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