Extra Champagne……

Now this is one of those interesting quirks that other people may have, but perhaps not. The New Year’s Eve dinner was a culinary success and the pork crown roast was lovely. No, I don’t have a photo of it, although there is one in my husband’s phone. I threw in a couple of extra bottles of champagne, just in case, but the guests brought some also, so the two other bottles are still chilling waiting for the appropriate occasion. As my husband said, “We’ll celebrate the weekend.” I suppose we certainly can, yet despite the fact that I drink wine virtually every night, for me there is the sensation that champagne is not a “regular” wine. I logically know that isn’t true, but it doesn’t keep me from thinking that I should have a “reason” to have champagne. I suppose it goes back to the days when there was a genuine price difference and it was something that most people couldn’t routinely afford. On the other hand, being Friday, it is “pizza night”, and I really can’t see myself having champagne with pizza. Okay, out there – does anyone else feel this way about “bubbly”?

2 thoughts on “Extra Champagne……

  1. Charlie, pizza and champagne just sounds so wrong that I can’t even think about it. Save the bottles for a time when you are having either food or an occasion that is appropriate–it’s not like it doesn’t keep!

    • I did indeed pass on champagen & pizza – just could not bring myself to do it. After all, there could be a jazz brunch and we do have Valentine’s Day next month.

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