Birds in the Yard……


Unknown type of hawk on back fence

I have once again gone for an entire year with not yet appreciably adding to my bird identification ability. It really is still on my to-do list and that has nothing to do with having enjoyed the movie, “The Big Year” that I posted about earlier. While our son and daughter-in-law were visiting, members of the resident flock of green parrots of course streaked across the house multiple times. The roving flock of ibis did not make an appearance, but on New Year’s Eve morning, we were sipping coffee when I looked out and saw the hawk that periodically perches on the fence. I have never been able to get a photo, but I very slowly and quietly opened the door as my son was poised with his smartphone. As you can see,  it worked for a few seconds before the bird launched from his spot.

I had previously wondered why he always picked the same one or two spots on the fence since neither is very high and as we were talking about him (her?), it suddenly struck me. We do have rodents along that part of the fence and it could be that the hawk has had good hunting there before. Not that I like the concept of rodents running around, but it does makes sense. So, if anyone happens to know what particular type of hawk this is, please send that info along.

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