New Year’s Eve Menu……

A number of years ago we decided that being out and about on New Year’s Eve more than about three miles from home was not a good idea unless it was one of those hotel package arrangements. So, we began to declare New Year’s Eve dinner as something special where we would do complicted dishes with multiple steps or that have a “wow” factor. We usually invite one or two other couples who live close by – preferably those who can walk over or have to drive less than three miles. Most of our dinners have worked out well although there was one terrible situation where the small veal roast we got was simply not the quality we expected and oh yes, there was one other time that was okay, but nothing to brag about.

This year we will have eight since our son and daughter-in-law will be here and that maxes us out for matching place settings. Anyway, after much discussion (as we always do), it will be a roasted crown of pork that will then be cut into individual chops, a mashed potato casserole that works well with a crowd, a beautiful salad, and whole petite green beans with sundried tomatoes. Oh yes, I’m tentatively planning a nice cream peppercorn sauce as well, although that might change to something less spicy. Hors d’oeuvres will be on the seafood side with smoked baby clams, chilled spiced shrimp and bite-size crabcakes. Dessert – now dessert is a different story. It isn’t really my thing and while we have made some nice ones, I think I’ll send “the kids” to pick something out instead.

On a closing note, the crown pork is also not a dish I excel in and husband has agreed that he will not work  that afternoon. Just as when we served the standing rib roast two years ago, the main dish will be his domain.


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