Traveling During the Holidays……

It is winter. This means potential snow and ice and travel delays. Mother Nature, as we all know, tends to not be respectful of human plans when it comes to such things. People travel so that planes and other means of transport are full, highways get jammed and trips can become snarled. Here’s the thing. You will either eventually get to where you are supposed to go, or if you are on a particularly short schedule, you will determine that you can’t make the trip and cancel it. That’s what happens. It’s frustrating and disappointing and can sometimes be expensive. Pleading with Mother Nature and snarling at other people does not usually resolve the problem. Of course it can be difficult to maintain calm when you’re tired and watching your plans crumble, and yes, the additional cost of traveling over the holidays adds to that stress.

Here’s wishing you safe and smooth travels, but if you encounter problems, here is also hoping that you can take a deep breath or two and remember that you are not alone with the problem. If you roll in during the wee hours of Christmas Day, you are still there. If you are stuck somewhere and can only telephone and say you’ll be there the day after, or are calling it quits, the spirit that is Christmas surrounds those that will be thinking of you and can reach through cyberspace to give you a virtual hug.

Naturally, whether traveling or not, if you have some time on your hands and are looking for the heart-warming kind of story to read, I have three holiday-themed ones in the Short Story Archive of my website. Granted, Twelve Pack Trip is for Thanksgiving, but it’s the same sentiment. Draft With a Sprig of Mistletoe and A Misty Christmas are obviously for this time of year and one of these days I’ll get around to crafting a new one.

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