One of Those Days….

This was supposed to be a fairly calm week, and yet, so far that isn’t how it’s working out. I am at the end of the day and notwithstanding the numerous things that I have accomplished, several of them were unplanned and therefore, those things that I was supposed to do did not make it from “To Do”, to “Done”.  This is only partially related to my difficulty is saying, “No” to people. After all, the icemaker going out was just bad timing. A neighbor fallling ill was completely unexpected, and me suddenly realizing that I hadn’t completed the text for the underwater photos that we will be sending to family was an error on my part.

I did, however, accomplish one major task which was to check that our son and his wife are scheduled to go visit the Turtle Hospital in Marathon while they are here. The tours book up very quickly and I really wanted them to be able to go this time. The Christmas tree should go up tonight and the wreaths on the door, but some of the other decorations may very well stay in their boxes. Hmmm, at this rate, I’m thinking extra poinsettias. They’re pretty and colorful.

Stocking stuffers are still on my list, too, but that should be managed tomorrow and those really are easy to lay my hands on. So, okay – anyone else out there behind on all of this?

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