Weddings and Pageants…..

This post is not a knock on big weddings in case it comes across that way. We once attended a wedding where we knew that the $60,000 allocated for it had all been spent and there was no question that it was a dazzling and fun affair. However, earlier this week we also attended one of those great Keys weddings that was very far removed from that and just as much fun.

It was, of course, a sunset event and in true Keys fashion as we strolled past the Tiki Hut where the dinner was to be, a gentleman asked if we were on our way to the wedding. At the “yes” response, he said, “Well, don’t you want to take a drink down with you?” Captain Morgans and Diet Coke in hand, we joined the other guests on the small beach, walking out onto the pier as we waited for the bride and groom. The attire was “Keys formal,’ meaning that the men did wear long pants, but no ties to be seen. Sandals naturally as the primary footware for most and brown pelicans, gulls, herons, and egrets swooping past.The entire ceremony took approximately ten minutes, another few minutes added in for photos, and it was back to the Tiki Hut for a simple, but good buffet.

Again, this is not a knock on fabulous weddings if that is something you can afford. The question becomes as to if you want a wedding or a pageant. Friends and family who love you genuinely do not care about the trappings – what they want to see is that glow that comes from two people exchanging vows and rings when at that moment, their palable love literally flows from them. It is shared laughter and joy and everything else is the gift wrap that it comes in.

The point is that if you are planning a wedding or have influence with someone who is, think about what you want from the wedding – to celebrate the couple or have a pageant of some degree. You can absolutely do both just as you can choose to stay at a very nice resort when you travel instead of at a cheaper hotel. If it is a situation though where if money is tight and the big wedding is a financial strain, the marriage is just as legal without the expense. As for people who might think “you haven’t done it correctly” – well, you can gather from this post how much value I give that opinion.

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