An Afternoon of Contrasts……

Open House Tea at the Women’s Club

Weekends here are often packed with events as well activities and it isn’t unusual to have multiple committments. Yesterday, however, was one of those days with distinct contrasts. The Women’s Club does a number of events throughout the year and yesterday was an Open House Tea that was also tied to the town’s Centennial celebration. The ladies had decorated the main room beautifully as they always do and the array of food was tempting. Christmas music played in the background and it was a couple of hours of pleasant conversation in a lovely setting.

Some of the other women had the same follow-on event that I did though as we left there. I dashed home to change clothes to head to the Rocking Rib Fest, a gathering put on to help raise funds for a local charity. There was music, but it was not Christmas and the food was of a completely different type. There was tea, although of the iced variety and the attendants’ attire, like mine, included jeans, shorts, and T-shirts rather than the two-piece hand-crocheted outfit I’d worn earlier. The beer was cold, ribs were excellant, but we didn’t linger too long since we did have to get back for the second half of the SEC Football Championship game.

Had we attended the evening Art Exhibit at Biscayne National Park, that would have been yet another change of clothes, but that was up against the ACC Championship Game, so that was a no-go. It was indeed a busy day.

One of the competitors at the Rocking Rib Fest



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