Day Nine, Belize…..

Jacks gathering under the Sundancer II

Our trip is coming to a close. Two dives, then bound for Belize City. It promises to be a beautiful day, starting with a lovely sunrise. I did the first, early dive and sat the second out, but what a nice dive it was. Visibility was better, marine life with good “finds”, although no toad fish, turtles, rays, or sharks. Not a single shark all week for my husband. I could care less if I never swim with another one, (except for a whale shark of course as a goal), but that’s just me. Anyway, lunch is to be traditional Belizean fare of beef stew, snapper in a sauce, stewed beans and rice and oven-baked plantains, and this afternoon will be open for wandering around Belize City or simply relaxing. There will be a wine and cheese event around five, then we’re on our own for dinner. There’s a place that our friends know of and want to try so that’s fine by us. With only beer and wine on board (not a bad thing, mind you), I may need a rum drink of some type. We don’t want to take liquids home with us, but the Belizean coffee is another matter. If I can find that with no problem, I’ll take a bag back. Coffees, like rums, are island products that we frequently take home with us.

This is the time during the trip when gear is rinsed, hopefully drying well before re-packing. It’s perfect weather for that and as clear as the sky is, we should be okay with no rain shower to interrupt the drying process. The water is calm; I’d say no more than 2-foot waves, with an occasional three–to-four thrown in. For a boat this size, it doesn’t get “bouncy” unless the waves are eight feet or greater. I do have to get my rings out of the cosmetic bag. I took them off our first day of diving. It isn’t that I really think they will come loose enough to fall off when we’re underwater, but I don’t want to take the chance either. You do sometimes find the proverbial “treasures of the deep” – assorted items ranging from jewelry to flashlights and so forth. Some can be recovered and reused; others, not so much.

In returning to the Sundancer and crew, however, it is a boat that I can recommend. It’s my understanding that the best time to do this itinerary is in March-April because the visibility tends to be more consistent and you have the chance of seeing migrating whales. The Sundancer II vessel is well laid out and the crew of Captain Eddy (Eddie?), Megan, Elia, John, Simon, Carlos, and Jerry were great. They did everything they could to accomodate us, clearly showed an enjoyment of diving and know the dive sites well.

It has been a pleasant trip and I’m glad we came.

Queen Angel on Reef in Belize at “Cleaning Station”

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