Ibis in the Neighborhood

Flock of Ibis Outside the House

I know, more about birds. The thing though is that there are moments here when you just can’t help being fascinated with the bird and wildlife. We have two what I call ponds and real estate agents call lakes where you can see herons, egrets, etc., on a daily basis. Both are fairly close to the house, but not within direct view, although one of them is on my regular walking route. Anyway, that means that we also get those birds transiting often, with one occasionally landing in the back yard to check out the pool in case it’s a body of water of interest. Unlike the frogs that tend to fall in and can’t get back out, the birds quickly understand that the chlorine (even the mild level that we use) is not to their liking.

We have two different flocks of tropical birds that regularly come over or around the house; one of green parrots and then the ibis. The parrots streak by so quickly that I have never been able to get a shot of them and the ibis roam from yard to yard. Until the other day, their roaming and my ability to snap a shot didn’t coincide. Granted, I didn’t get as close to them as I would have liked, but then they might have taken flight and for sure I wouldn’t have gotten that shot. I love these guys as they meander around, poking their beaks into grass and shrubs. I have no idea how long we will have them in the neighborhood. Since they certainly seem to have plenty to eat and no danger of predators, maybe they will take up permanent residence. They have been here for several months, but I don’t know if that has any significance. So, if there is an ibis expert out there, what are the odds that we’ll get to keep them around?


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