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For reasons that I can’t completely explain right now, I have recently become somewhat involved with the craft of quilting. Although I am not a quilter, I have been around quilts all my life and it is a popular craft for Army wives. The reason is quite simple. Many Army posts were in remote locations and no one had any money to speak of. Gathering to quilt was practical and social in nature and the tradition has carried on. Anyway, my skills in sewing and needlework have always been rather anemic compared to my sister and I let it go by the wayside rather than pursue it. However, in the past two months as I have spoken with quilters, observed them, viewed a number of web sites, and learned more, I can literally feel myself being drawn into both the craft and the companionship.

There is a great deal to learn about quilting with some incredibly intricate levels that you can achieve. Fortunately, it appears that you can also begin at a novice level and still produce quilts or quilted articles with rudimentary skills. I don’t yet know how deeply I will go into what seems to be an enjoyable endeavor, but I will keep you posted. So, all you experienced and fledgling quilters out there – drop into Charlie’s Corner Cafe and tell us about your experiences.

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  1. A story about quilting. When I was about 6 years old, I had a bicycle accident from speeding down a hill and spinning out on gravel that tore a very deep hole in my left knee. Then, just as the wound was healing I somehow tore the knee wide open a second time, this time even worse (and to this day I don’t really understand how it happened except that I got the knee caught on a nail sticking out of a post). After that, my Mom had to keep me occupied during summer holidays while preventing me from doing anything that could prevent further damage to my knee–so she set up a sewing machine under the tree on our back lawn and taught me to quilt. I don’t think that quilt ever got finished, but I do have quilting to thank for the fact that I am not lame (which was a real possibility). The only lasting effect of all the damage is a scar and the fact that since I was 6, when I do knee bends, my knees crack really loudly.

    • Although quilting as a sedantary activity is usually associated with older people, it does sound like it was a good solution. Certainly better than a number of other ways of trying to keep a six year still. Thanks for the story.


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