Deadly Doubloons Is Ready……

Ah, I had hoped to have this one out for summer reading and I suppose technically it is still summer. At any rate, Deadly Doubloons is now available. For those who are familiar with some of my characters, Chris Green first appeared in Shades of Truth, then had a more prominent role in Shades of Gold. She is the main character in Deadly Doubloons and her first adventure is one that I trust will be both intriguing and fun. Someone asked me the other day where I get my ideas. I think that like most authors, they come from bits of conversations, something you see and say, “Hmmm, what if I did such-and-such…

In the case of Deadly Doubloons, a friend who is an avid underwater photographer wanted me to feature a shady banker who was also semi-obesssed with treasure hunting. That was a good foundation that I then built upon. The end result is something that I hope others will enjoy as well.

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