Bands of Wind and Rain….

Tropical Storm Isaac is about 7-8 hours out depending on wind speed. The outer bands of wind and rain are mangeable at this point. Many of the neighbors haven’t been through one of these yet and it’s interesting to see the different levels of preparation. Having the accordion shutters does make a tremendous difference though since it requires only about twenty minutes to close them as opposed to the hours for putting up (and taking down) the bolt-on variety. Of course, if you can afford it, the ideal is wind resistance security glass. If you plan to be in a home for a long time, that can be a good investment since you do generally get homeowner’s and windstorm insurance discounts. Speaking of which, for those who haven’t lived in this area, you probably don’t realize that you have to carry three insurances here; regular property insurance, a separate windstorm insurance, and a separate flood insurance. Fortunately, the flood insurance tends to be fairly reasonable and that, by the way, is good for everyone to have no matter where you live. Even if you aren’t near the water, backed up storm drains and similar circumstances can cause “flood damage” that is not covered under regular home insurance. Anyway, back to the triple insurance. These cost, plus the high deductible that comes with them is why people sometimes self-insure. It can reach a point where that makes the most economic sense. Hopefully, however, Isaac will stay within what is predicted, not increase to a Cat 1 (or higher) hurricane and we won’t have to worry about insurance claims.

Here’s wishing the best for everyone in Isaac’s path.



6 thoughts on “Bands of Wind and Rain….

    • Wind, rain, repeat, but no loss of electricity. More wind & rain today, but slightly less. Thanks for the kind thoughts.


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