Cherry Blossoms, Dance, and Old Friends…..

Dustin and one of the female members of the Bowen-McCauley Dance Company

I haven’t the foggiest notion as to why I get strong tugs of intuition occasionally, although in most cases an actual reason emerges after the fact. That may be the situation here as I sit in my hotel room near National Airport. We (or at least I) try to make one of our son’s dance performances each year. That’s the Bowen McCauley Dance Company ( if you’re new to the blog. We usually do the March show or the October/November show and none of those were going to work schedule-wise. The show last night and tonight, a very lively, contemporary production was going to be a conflict, but my schedule loosened up and I was able to get a decent flight. An old friend whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time was available to come to the show with her daughter and then I found the telephone number of another old friend whom I also count as a protégé. She’ll be picking me up for a late lunch and I’ll have a chance to meet her son as well as see how much her daughter has grown.

When I met Dustin for a quick cup of coffee last night between dress rehearsal and costume/make-up call, he said he thinks this may be his personal best performance all year. Who knows, perhaps there was some telepathic link calling out for me to come and see. I meandered around Crystal City underground yesterday and then took a brisk walk this morning. If you have never been to Crystal City in Arlington, VA, it’s quite impressive with shops, restaurants, banks, a post office, hotels, apartment buildings, a performing arts theater now, offices, and a Metro station. There are five or six (maybe more) entrances to this underground village and if you wanted to, you actually could remain underground for days at a time. While I am not an urban living person, if I was forced to be one, this is an area I would consider.

This, however, is a lovely spring weekend when Washington, D.C. is at its finest – pleasant weather, sunny skies and the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The timing is such that I will be having Mother’s Day lunch with Dustin and his wife, Samantha, and that’s the first time I’ve done that in ages. Perhaps that was the real reason I felt an urge to come up.

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