Appliance Aggravations….

This is one of those weeks that causes me to wonder if “Gremlins” do exist. Weren’t they the ones that would wreck havoc in the middle of the night? I had noticed that our dark colored mugs had a residue after being run through the dishwasher and so my husband used one of those super-duper cleaners on it. No luck. Then he tried to put me off by declaring, “It’s not that bad.” Uh huh. On the other hand, it was busy last week and I couldn’t recall the appliance repair guy we’d used before or find his card. On Sunday, however, when the icemaker went out, that was a different thing. With two problems, I called what I thought was the previous guy. It wasn’t, but this one could come on Tuesday. Ice makers, as you may know, aren’t particularly sturdy, so being told that it needed to be replaced wasn’t a big surprise. As for the dishwasher that is a major brand and not very old, the drain pump had gone bad. The residue was a build-up of detergent that wasn’t being properly rinsed and drained. Yuck!

Two major components, plus labor, plus the hassle since of course the parts didn’t come in on Wednesday as intended. If all goes well, the kitchen will be restored by noon and the checkbook will be the only remaining source of damage. It was almost funny having to wash dishes by hand again. We both grew up washing dishes, and actually, I don’t think I had a dishwasher until my second assignment in the Army. It is easy to become dependent on those household conveniences and then you wonder how you ever managed without them.

Back to ice makers though. One of the plans for the dream house (on the five year plan, more or less) is to have not an ice maker in the fridge, but to have a separate, small commercial-grade one. Some friends of our did that and they loved it. Those are far sturdier and aren’t terribly expensive, but do take up space and don’t work well in a small kitchen. Yes, we did have one of the portable ice makers and that didn’t last as long as we had hoped, so we haven’t replaced it.

Hopefully our appliance issues will be over for a while.

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