Too Long Out of The Water…..

Scrawled File Fish on Reef

I really do try to dive as often as possible, yet the past year has seen a distinct drop-off in my underwater time. I admit that like many who live here year-round, I am spoiled about conditions. When the water temperature dips to 72 degrees, I have a tendency to hold off and when the wind is kicking up at 12+ knots, I usually weasel out. Even setting those parameters aside, I haven’t been out as often as I like, so last Saturday I agreed with my husband when one of our snow bird friends called to say they were going. I shut the computer off and went, and yes, I worked all day Sunday to make up for it, but that’s another post.

It was a beautiful day, although the current on the first dive did get your attention. I suppose I should consider it as more exercise. The second dive was calmer and we were by no means the only boat on Molassess Reef. It was not a day of spectacular finds with really only a huge eel tucked so far back under a ledge that my husband couldn’t get a good photo. Lots of barracuda though and enough angel fish to keep me happy. That means at least one queen, French, gray, and rock beauty. I have yet to see a blue angel even though I have heard other people claim sightings. There were several trumpet fish as well as abundant snappers of multiple types and the other standard reef inhabitants.

I could make a promise to myself to do better this year, but practically speaking, I will merely say that I will try to “get wet” more often.

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