Women and Cars…..

Restored 1968 Plymouth Barracuda

This is a post for women who might enjoy cars, but aren’t really vocal about it – sort of a companion piece to the previous one about NASCAR. Two weeks ago, there was a local classic car show with a mix of classics, today’s cars, and motorcycles, all in a great setting by Biscayne Bay on a beautiful day. Unfortunately, my husband had to work, but some friends were in town, so off we went. I was covering the piece for the weekly paper, and once again, I wished that I was a better photographer, but I did get a few good shots. There were 200 cars and trucks in addition to about 60 motorcycles. I’m not sure how old the oldest one was, but there was a pristine 1941 luxury Chrysler sedan. The mix of vehicles from the different decades, to include today’s muscle cars, would have made a Hollywood prop master proud.

Not all the vehicles had people close by, but there was a couple near the 1968 Barracuda, and as I chatted with them, there was no question as to whose car it was – hers! She rattled off the stats and cheerfully answered questions as to where they’d found it and the four years that it took to restore it. Her husband nodded, throwing in a comment occasionally, and at one point explained that he did most of the work, but it was her car from Day One. They were a delightful couple to speak with and as we meandered through the displays, it was obvious that a number of women as well as men were admiring the offerings.

From my own experience, I admit that I have at times bought cars for more than simply the purpose of transportation. I will also admit that when you own a convertible, you might be surprised at how seldom you put the top down. By the way, when you have long hair, it doesn’t actually flow prettily behind you. It whips around and stings your cheek, so a braid is a good idea. I can’t be called a true car enthusiast though because when we lived in Germany with the Autobahn available, I rarely took it over 90, and usually kept it at 80 while others blasted past me. I just wasn’t comfortable driving in that 100+ range. So, for all those women out there who do love your cars (even if you’re currently driving something totally practical) – have a great weekend.

Ford Pickup (not sure of the year)

4 thoughts on “Women and Cars…..

  1. Hey Charlie Hudson,
    Thanks for your thoughts, I would like to know if women enjoy personalising their cars and what types of products they use.
    What age groups of women personalise or accessorise they cars.

    many thanks in advance for your help
    Keep up the posts!

    • Hi. Welcome aboard, although I don’t think I can be much help on this front. I don’t personally know the women I wrote about, but merely observed them.

  2. Hi There Charlie Hudson,
    Thanks for that, I am thinking of getting a new car and i was just wondering what women think of cars.

    • Hi again. My most recent purchase was a Ford Fusion SEL, but a friend finally got her dream car of a Corvette. My daughter-in-law would love to have a Prius, my sister is on her fourth or fifth Camry, and a neighbor recently bought a used Mercedes. I guess that puts it pretty much across the board.

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