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This isn’t categorized as Favorite Movie because I’m not certain that I feel that way about “The Adjustment Bureau”, but it does raise an interesting question. Actually, the thriller starring Matt Damon (and I don’t know the female lead) deals with two essential themes. The first is about free will and fate which I am not going to discuss. The other is about sacrificing material wealth for love and the unknown. By the way, this is one of those movies that you have to watch the beginning very carefully in order to follow the middle and end.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, but it raises the question of how much certainty do we want in our lives? If you were given the opportunity to choose and one path would lead you to genuine fame and fortune with the unknown possibility of finding a great love along the way, or the other path would allow you to be with someone that you love, but the material side was an unknown, which would you opt for? And please, don’t automatically say, “Oh, love of course.” That might be your actual choice, but in this hypothetical case, choosing the material path does  not necessarily mean that you won’t find the great love. On the other hand, choosing the path of being with someone you love also doesn’t mean that you won’t find material success. So, what are your thoughts on this one?

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  1. I loved that movie! I will also try to not spoil anything. I walked away from the movie desperately not wanting to know what my future held. If fate is controlling my destiny, I want to be surprised with the unexpected twists and turns. If I knew what was coming, I would miss out on that … which to me is the best part of life.

    • I once knew (not very well, I admit), a young man who literally had his future mapped out. I mean down to when he calculated anticipated promotions, the timing of the two children they intended, etc., I have no idea if he followed his plan, or what the actual result was if he did, but I have to agree with you. Forging ahead without knowing the outcome and understanding that you may have to adjust your life depending on the outcome is how we grow.

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