When a Hammer is Like a Pair of Pumps……

No, this isn’t as odd at it sounds. Men and women are different in many aspects and when you enter into a relationship – especially a long term one be it marriage or otherwise, you find ways to navigate through things like men channel surfing at lightening speed, and their lack of comprehension of the idea of “clutter”. I’m not even going to talk about the toilet seat up or down issue. My husband, like thousands of men, was grateful when the entire “Mars and Venus” came into publication because he had long thought that women were indeed another species. Way back when we married and he became a truly wonderful stepdad, my eight-year-old son was bemoaning losing the affection of a pretty little classmate and he said something along the lines of maybe when he got older he would understand girls. My husband assured him that was not a goal that he needed to set for himself.

Anyway, my point to this post is about tools. Oh  sure, you know hammers, screwdrivers, and perhaps drills, but routers and rachets might not be in your vocabulary. If you’re a fan of cable home improvement shows, you see that a lot of women are entering into this field and can strap on a toolbelt with the best of them, yet for most of us, we stand mystified if we should happen to find ourselves in the actual hardware section of a store. What on earth is all this stuff and more importantly, why does my husband need so much of it?

One day, as I wasn’t objecting to the purchase of whatever the item was, merely expressing my puzzlement as to it since I thought he already had something similar, my husbdand sighed. “Look, the problem is that women do not understand tools. Think of them like shoes. I mean, why do you need all those  different types of black shoes? Or the same pair in more than one color? What it comes down to is that a guy can never have too many tools. If you’ve got the space to put them, you can always find something you need.”

Ah, now that’s a comparison that most women can identify with. This also explains why a guy can spend an incredible amount of time wandering through the aisles of those big stores when he’s usually a get-in-get-what-you-need-and-get-out kind of shopper. Think of how you feel when you go into a shoe warehouse. It is apparently the same kind of sensation. And this is why a hammer can be like a pair of pumps.


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