Jimmy, One More Time…..

It has actually been less than a year since the last Florida Jimmy Buffett concert, but that’s just fine. For those who have never attended a Jimmy Buffett concert, let me explain that it is concert only by definition – in reality it is a shared experience. Tailgate parties begin at whatever point the designated venue allows it. Many a vehicle sports decorations and I’m not just talking about a couple of slogans in washable paint. Cut outs of sharks, giant inflatable cheeseburgers, and a wide variety of tropical themed items are all to be seen. As for attendees, that can be even more creative than what you see on the vehicles. I have to admit though, that for all the men in grass skirts and coconut bras we’ve seen, last night was the first time we saw a guy dressed up as a flamingo. Very pink by the way – lawn ornament pink and it was definitely creative. The hats are terrific though and one of these days I really am going to get my husband a straw one and decorate it with parrots, sharks, and so forth – all acceptable Parrothead accoutrements. Parrothead? Yes, the most widely used term for a true Buffet fan.

Jimmy and the Coral Reefer band have now been touring to where they have two, and sometimes, three generations of fans in the audience and last night was no exception. Jimmy has cut back some on his tour dates and each time we go to a concert we understand that there might not be many more. As he says, they have the greatest job in the world and part of what makes Jimmy so memorable is the sheer affection for the fans he and the band display. For the two+ hours of each concert, it is cheering, clapping, dancing at your seat, lip syncing and/or singing out the lyrics. This year’s tour includes many of his really old songs, and as he has said in interviews, there are just certain ones that he must play. From ballads such as “Son of a Sailor” to the whimsy of, “A Pencil Thin Moustache”, we left, as always, glad that we’d had the chance to see Jimmy perform one more time. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t stop anytime soon.

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