Paris for Valentine’s Day….

No, it isn’t as extravagent as it sounds. A number of years ago when we were early into our empty nest time, I suppose it was a notice about special winter deals to Europe that caught my eye – I don’t recall the precise circumstances. We were both still working full time then, but it had been years since we’d been to Paris and it hit me – a short trip over the President’s Day weekend that would also include Valentine’s Day. Paris in winter? Granted, the beautiful Jardin de Tuileries would be without splendid flowers, but the many museums were available. The weather was virtually the same as in the Northern Virginia area, so what would be the difference of being in a wool coat, gloves, and scarf scooting from a Metro station in D.C., and scooting from a Metro station near the Eiffel Tower? We flew out on a Thursday night and back on the following Monday for an evening arrival and had a wonderful time. We have done this twice more since then. I usually book everything on-line from the airline-hotel package to transport from the airport, to a Metro and Museum Pass. There is a combination deal that  works quite well and while I have used there are other on-line services available. One time when I didn’t make arrangements far enough ahead, I used the service that had the passes delivered to our hotel. I prefer a little more breathing room than that, but it did work.

I would not recommend a short winter trip to Paris for your first time, but for those who have already experienced the beauty of the city in spring, early summer, or fall, it can be a delightful break. [I do not suggest Paris in July or August]. There are excellant package prices, the museums and galleries tend to be less crowded, many of the outdoor sections of restaurants and cafes have windbreaks they put up as well as have outside heating. So if you have a few days to spare around Valentine’s Day and are up for adventure, take a look at the offers and think about having that romantic dinner in the City of Love.

Oh yes, and pop over to my website and read the short story, Paris in Winter.

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