In Those Tragic Times……..

I will warn you that this is a teary type of post. It is becoming evident that a dear friend is losing her struggle with cancer. There is some hope, but it is not likely that she will make it and I will refrain from writing more beyond today. This tragedy is compounded because she is one of those who was a cancer survivor. She, her family, and friends, so many who love her had already gone through this, and in her way of gentleness and bravery, she had been a model of what you like to think that you would be under the same circumstances.

This blow, this impending loss is painful on many levels. The death of an elderly parent is something you prepare for, understanding that it is the natural order of things even as it leaves a hole in your heart. For those you love who are yet in the midst of a full live, you want to somehow reach out, to say, “No, this isn’t fair, it can’t be time.” In doing so, you want to alter the balance, to set things right. It is my deepest hope that I will write a post later and say, “Ah no, it did work out. That slim possibility came about, and all is well.” But if that does not occur, I want to take a moment here to remind everyone that there are people in our lives we care for and we forget to say it. We’re busy, they’re busy, we mean to… So today, please find someone that you’ve intended to reach out to and let them know that you’re thinking of them.

2 thoughts on “In Those Tragic Times……..

  1. I am so sorry about your friend. Thank you for reminding us all about the fragility of life and the importance of sharing the love we feel and don’t always say.

    • Thank you for the note Tammy, and yes, these are the moments when we step back and try to focus on the things that are genuinely important.

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