On to Food and Wine Festival….

After a two year delay, we are actually going to attend the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Each year there is a major scuba diving industry show and it alternates between Orlando and other locations (DEMA is short for Dive Equipment Marketing Association). It is a competely awesome event, but more about this later in the week.

Two years ago, when DEMA was last in Orlando, I had carefully made arrangements for us to go to the Food and Wine Festival in tandem with DEMA. Unfortunately from a timing perspective, I also had an urgent project request that required me to travel to the DC area. This was one of those last-minute things and we couldn’t adjust our schedule so we had to cancel the Epcot part. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed that nothing goes awry today – a good friend is coming to house sit and the weather is predicted as perfect for strolling around at Epcot.

Although it is the Food and Wine Festival, there are allegedly wonderful beers as well. I suspect that may be where we start our sampling this afternoon and then we will segue into wine. I will most assuredly keep you posted as to food, drinks, music, and more. Who else out there has attended the Festival?

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