Soggy Sunny Florida…..

Notwithstanding SciFi scenarios of weather control, it really is a shame that we can’t manage to shift rain. Family and friends in Texas and Louisiana are parched and here in sunny South Florida we are into our fifth day of rain and just ten days ago we got 6 inches of rain in about 12 hours. This is rare for not having a hurricane swirling about. The reports do say our sun and normal conditions will return tomorrow.

Today, however, is another day when working on a manuscript for a while, then cleaning up old files and putting a pot of chili on for dinner seem like good ideas. The aroma of simmering beef and chili seasonings will permeate the house and when I get tired of sorting through files – paper or electronic – I will probably switch the television on to see what movies are available. This is one of those things that my husband doesn’t really understand. I can easily tune in a movie that I’ve seen 20 or 30 times, knowing where my favorite scenes are. I will simply stop what I am doing at that point and go watch the scene, content with the dialogue, narration, scenary, or whatever it happens to be that touches me about the movie. Sure, sometimes I will sit through the whole thing, but more often than not, I let most of the movie play as pleasant background and focus on the special scenes. It’s the equivalent to listening to music for me. Of course, if none of my favorites are on, I do tune to a music channel instead.

If staying at home, how do you pass a rainy day?


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